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American Express Retention Offers: What You Need to Know
Miles & Points Jun 11, 2021

In an effort to retain cardholders, American Express may offer bonus points if you are considering cancelling the card.

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Credit Card Balance Transfers: What You Need To Know
Miles & Points May 20, 2021

When used wisely, balance transfers on credit cards can be a powerful tool to consolidate higher-interest debt or make leveraged...

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How to Convert Credit Card Travel Credits into Cash
Miles & Points May 11, 2021

Learn how to redeem the various travel credits on Canadian and US credit cards, even turning them into cold hard...

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Maximizing Miles on Modest Means: Strategies for Lower Income Earners
Miles & Points Apr 8, 2021

Many credit cards impose minimum income requirements, but there are ways to get around them, as well as other worthwhile...

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Finding the Perfect US Mail Forwarding Service
Miles & Points Mar 12, 2021

Some tips and tricks to find US mail forwarders that get your credit cards to you quickly, cheaply, and with...

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Charming Your Way Out of Annual Fees
Miles & Points Feb 11, 2021

With a bit of assertive persuasion, you can convince your bank to waive fees. Here are some scripts and strategies...

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The Primer to Avoiding Annual Fees
Miles & Points Dec 11, 2020

Like you, Kirin hates paying annual fees. Here are his four primary strategies for dealing with annual fees: avoiding, mitigating,...

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MythBusters: American Express US
Miles & Points Dec 2, 2020

Kirin takes a Mythbusters approach to American Express US credit cards and charge cards. What are the most common myths...

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4 Low-Fee Credit Cards to Consider in 2021
Miles & Points Jan 8, 2021

Hello again, Miles & Points enthusiasts! It’s a new year, and that means it’s time to be on the lookout...

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A Closer Look at Unorthodox Hotel Redemptions
Miles & Points Oct 21, 2020

Kirin shares with us a few of his favourite unorthodox ways to redeem points for hotels, from the potentially underrated...

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