American Express Business Edge Card

Last updated on: December 9, 2020
  • Up to 52,000 MR Select points
  • $99 Annual fee
Best offer is available via a referral link
Signup bonus:
40,000 MR Select points upon meeting minimum spending
Up to 12,000 bonus MR Select points annually (1,000 points upon spending $3,000 per month)
Total of 52,000 MR Select points
Minimum spending:
$5,000 in the first three months
Annual fee:
Earning rate:
3 MR Select points per dollar spent on office supplies, electronics, rides & gas, and eats & drinks (including food delivery services, excluding groceries)
1 MR Select point per dollar spent on all other purchases
Referral bonus:
5,000 MR Select points per referral, up to a maximum of 75,000 MR Select points per calendar year

Bonuses & Fees

Introduced in October 2019, the American Express Business Edge Card offers 40,000 Membership Rewards Select points upon spending $5,000 in the first three months, when you sign up via a referral link. The annual fee is $99.

The public offer only grants 30,000 MR Select points; however, you could also apply via Great Canadian Rebates to earn $100 in cash back. This $100 offer would effectively offset your first-year annual fee.

The choice between the referral link and Great Canadian Rebates therefore comes down to an extra 10,000 MR Select points vs. $100 in savings, and I’d argue that the former is generally more valuable when redeemed towards travel.

40,000 MR Select points is equivalent to $400 worth of travel, up to $800 if redeemed through Amex Fixed Points Travel, or 48,000 Marriott Bonvoy points, so you’re coming out way ahead even with the $99 annual fee.

Finally, the additional monthly signup bonus adds another layer of intrigue to the card, although in my opinion the extra 1,000 MR Select points is rather uninspiring for a $3,000 spend, and I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to meet it. Instead, if you do normally spend $3,000 or more per month as part of your business activities, then it’s a nice little bonus to have.

The card also allows you to earn 5,000 MR Select points for every referral you make to a friend or family member, up to a maximum of 75,000 MR Select points a year.

Earning Rewards

The Business Edge Card’s specialty lies in its increased earning rate on select categories. You’ll earn:

  • 3 MR Select points per dollar spent on eligible business essentials including office supplies and electronics, rides & gas, and eats & drinks

  • 1 MR Select point per dollar spent on all other categories

To clarify, the “eats & drinks” category does not include purchases made at grocery stores, only restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and food delivery services. Moreover, the 3x spending category is capped at $25,000 in purchases per card membership year; after you’ve spent $25,000 in purchases on these categories, the earning rate will drop to 1x until the calculation resets next year.

This points earning structure, along with the Business Edge Card’s usage of MR Select points rather than regular MR points, essentially makes it a version of the Cobalt Card that’s geared towards business owners instead.

With the 3x earnings on “rides & gas” and “eats & drinks”, the card seems ideally suited to the modern entrepreneur who’s constantly meeting clients on the go, while the office supplies and electronics category also caters to more established enterprises as well.

It would make a lot of sense to pay with your Business Edge Card when you’re buying office equipment or electronics, since no other cards in the Canadian market offer accelerated earnings on these categories.

Similarly, paying for rideshares and gas fill-ups using your Business Edge can also be a good idea, since the 3x earning rate represents a strong return.

On the dining category, however, I’d prefer to use either the Cobalt Card for its higher 5x earnings, or the Platinum Card because it earns 3x regular MR points, which are more powerful than the Business Edge’s MR Select points in that they can be transferred to airline programs as well.

Insurance Coverage

The Business Edge Card is somewhat lacking when it comes to the insurance package. It doesn’t come with provisions for Emergency Medical Insurance, Flight or Baggage Delay, or Trip Interruption & Cancellation, which are key protections that are found on many cards out there that have a stronger focus on travel.

The Business Edge Card does offer Car Rental Theft & Damage Insurance, as well as 90-day Purchase Protection in the case of loss or damage, as well as Buyer’s Assurance, which automatically extends the manufacturer’s warranty by up to one year. Both of these protections can be very useful, since you’re likely to buy many of your electronics using the Business Edge given the 3x points you earn.

Apply Now

While the Business Edge Card is geared towards small business owners, there's no requirement to be a registered small business owner of any kind. You can also apply as a sole proprietorship and put your own name in the "Business Name" field. There's also no minimum income requirement on this card.

By applying via a referral link, you'll earn the maximum signup bonus on this card of 40,000 MR Select points, with up to an extra 12,000 MR Select points thanks to the monthly bonus for a total of 52,000 MR Select points. If you choose to go this route, consider applying via our link below to support the website.

  1. Avatar

    HI Ricky,
    Do you know if Apply Store (to buy iphone) would be considered an electronics category for the 3X MR points or would the 3X be limited to the more obvious retailers such as Bestbuy and Staples?

    1. Avatar
      Ron Sigal

      It applies to Apple store.


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